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The University of Windsor has one of the most successful Women's Basketball programs in the history of collegiate sports. This is their story, told by Head Coach Chantal Valée and two time national champion Andrea Kiss.

Every championship ring has great story and we want to share yours!

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Join the movement in three simple steps

  • 1. Record a video of you telling your championship ring story
  • 2. Upload your video to Youtube or email it to us at everyringhasastory@baronrings.com
  • 3. Tweet your video using the hashtag #everyringhasastory and tag @Baronrings so we can find it!

If you don't want to make a video but you still want to participate, upload a photo, join the conversation on Facebook/Twitter using the #everyringhasastory hashtag, or email at everyringhasastory@baronrings.com us your story so we can share it with the world! There’s no age limit to participate so get started and get creative with it!

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