Congratulations to the Saskatoon Hilltops on their CJFL championship!

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Baron was very excited to be chosen as the company to produce the National Championship rings for the Saskatoon Hilltops.

"We understood right from the beginning that the team wanted this ring to be different from any past rings, " said Arthur Horton, Director of Championship Ring Division. " With Baron leading the industry in innovative designs, we knew we could create a one of kind ring that they would love at the same time have that ‘WOW’ factor."  

This professional level styled ring is the first of it's kind and its distinct features have never been seen before on any ring at any sporting level. 

First and foremost, this is the first CJFL National Championship ring 3D designed and printed. There are too many reasons to list why the 3D creation of championship rings is the best method but the most important is each individual Hilltops ring was made for that specific person on the team right from the onset.  Each person's ring gets designed, drafted and printed individually as if the mould was made for them and then broken, so no one else can have it.  

Secondly, this oval shaped ring was created with a two-tone look (yellow gold accents with a white gold finish) highlighting key features of the team: 

  • • The Hilltops logo on top with 5 blue sapphires representing the 5 of last 6 National Championships.
  • • The actual helmet with the "H" logo on one side.
  • • The Canadian Bowl trophy on the other side.
  • • One of the most unique features wrapping around the whole ring, are the University & Broadway bridges which are well known distinct symbols of the city of Saskatoon. 

Other unique features include:

  • • Underneath the logo on top covered in blue glass enamel is actual football field.
  • • Stamped at the bottom of the shank is the wording HILLTOP FAMILY.
  • • Stamped engraved inside the ring are the logos of the Hilltops and Suns with the score of the final championship game.
  • • The background texture of both shanks is the actual texture of a football.

Our company motto, "Every Ring Has A Story,” is represented very clearly in these rings. It was very important for us at Baron Championship Rings to tell the story of the Saskatoon Hilltops and their National Championship.  

"When I opened the box, a flood of great memories came flowing back. This ring, truly represented a whole season through its magnificent beauty and quality of workmanship. Stunning and eye catching are a few terms that come to mind!"

-  Tom Sargeant, Head Coach

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